Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I have returned...MWHAHAHHAHAHA

Hey Guys~

It's been AGES~! How are we all?

I've been pretty good, just had exams and such so nowadays its pretty relaxing...


I wanted to tell you guys something!

Have you heard of asianfanfics.com?

If you haven't and you like kpop and stuff, you should go on it 'cos there are sooooooo many epic stories!

Anyway, I have a friend IRL who showed me this site quite a while ago, and I've started looking at it again~

I've read a few stories including a cute one called Kitten. That's really cute!

Anyway, my friend has several fans on AFF 'cos she writes stories and all that and she has thought up an AMAZING new story and we are gonna write it together~

mwa, mwa, mwa I'm so happy~

Anyway, I can't tell you much about it 'cos that'll be cheating ;) but I'll tell you when we realse the 1st chp and stuff, okay?


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