Saturday, 21 January 2017

2017 Return

Hey guys!

It's been almost what, 3 years since I've been active on this account blog? Time sure flies hey

I've deleted the majority of my old 2012-2013 posts because they were kind of...cringe.

Well its a new year, I'm returning back to Perth on monday after spending almost 3 months in Switzerland. I'm starting a watchmaking course at the end of January so I'm excited for that. I have so many plans for the future, including cosplay and overseas trips and job opportunities. 

I finished school in 2015, spent a whole year just wasting away, half heartedly looking for a job.
Luckily with my watchmaking course I'll be able to work at some watch places! That's always something to look forward to~

To be honest, my last 2-3 years of school were the worst. I think that's probably the reason I stopped posting on here, there was nothing nice about my life at the time, and I was having so many expectations piled onto me I just couldn't think straight and figure out myself. Even last year although I wasn't studying and my part time job was really shit, it was stressful and so not productive. 

But with this new course I'm taking and the fact that I might be living alone in the coming months is fantastic! I hope nothing will keep me down from have a productive year!

I hope to post more frequently here, about my watchmaking, cosplay and other endeavors~

Catch ya later

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