Monday, 28 April 2014

New Ipod~

Hai guuuys~

Guess what, guess what? I got a new iPod shuffle and its RED~!
WOO~ Red is an awesome colour + apple donates money for every red apple product bought to help with AIDS in Africa. So yeah. It's awesome.

Moving on..I started up school today....again...It's so annoying because I have literally no friends here, only people which are good to talk to in certain classes. So I've only got class buddies? :P

Myeh. This school thing will only last only about a year and a half, because after that, I'm moving to Switzerland where there is UNLIMITED. INTERNET. WOOOOOOOOP~


I'm so happy! :D

So yeah, this is a relatively short post, but then my life isn't that interesting so I'm probably talking to myself, since people are not interested in my life mwhahaha.

But I'll try to keep on posting, just in case there is a Mr or Mrs or Miss or Ms or Whatever Invisible. :P Just to keep you happy.

So ciao ciao~

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