Saturday, 3 May 2014

Hey guuuuuysss

Currently I'm at the major University in Puuurrth~ and I'm supposed to be doing work with the help of my friend that came over to do macaroons I mentioned in the last post...


I'm taking advantage of free wifi here so woo~

I stayed over night at my friend Hannah's place, I really like her studio (or whatever its called :P) its neat.

And then I rode to my friends place, (his name is Victor btw) had brekkie there, went to church with him, went to Subiaco markets for lunch, went back to his place, got all the stuff we need for studying, and now we're at Reid Library at UWA (University of Western Australia).

So yeaahh~ woo

I dont really know what else to say...and Victor is looking at what I'm typing...he's weirrrddd >.>

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